India Box | Your Indian Restaurant in Paris

One of my favorite areas in Paris is the Rue des Martyrs neighborhood. Stretching from Saint-Georges up through Pigalle, the vibe is hip-sexy-fun-chic-cool-foodie-trendy. There’s something for everyone, from KB Cafe with their amazing Australian-style coffee, to delicious choux at Popelini, a quick nail pit stop at Culture of Color, the amazing cheese and charcuterie platters at Terra Corsa, American-style burgers at the nearby Le Dépanneur, and the list goes on.

Equally as appealing are the treasures that you can find in the streets just off Rue des Martyrs. If you pop west to rue Henri-Monnier, you’ll find Sugar Daze and the new Buvette Gastrothèque.  And if you go east, onto rue Manuel, you’ll find one of the hidden gems of the quartier, India Box.

India Box is Arthur Saâda’s brain child. Arthur noticed the lack of good Indian restaurants in Paris, particularly remarking the void of Indian take away places.  With a marketing degree and years of restaurant managerial experience under his belt, he decided to take the leap, along with chef Sanjee, and opened up the first Indian takeaway restaurant in this sympa neighborhood. English expats – this is for you! I know about your love affair with Indian food; I don’t think DM could live without curry.

The London lovely Tetta and I both had two incredible “boxes” for lunch, complete with a fizzy Andy Warhol Perrier. The restaurant is vibrant and brightly lit, a welcome dose of color from the grey days of winter. I recommend eating in, as you may get the chance to chat with the charming Arthur, who speaks brilliant English.

I’m a huge fan of the box concept, as it makes for easy travel and a spicy, filling meal for only 7,50 – 12 euros. The range of spiciness levels is appreciated, too! There’s something for everyone at India Box, including a real vegetarian option.

Merci, Arthur, for this fantastic addition to the neighborhood!

See you at India Box,

xx PatriciaParisienne


India Box

15 rue Manuel
75009 Paris

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