Happy Macaron Day! C’est le jour du macaron!

Today is the day!

Le Jour du Macaron is finally here! After work, it’s off to Pierre Hermé I go! “Un don, un macaron” (a donation, a macaron) is the slogan chez PH, as they are raising money for Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, an organization that raises money for cystic fibrosis research.

Here are a few pictures to get you stoked on your future macaron(s) on this special day! Personally, I think it should be a national holiday, but I will take a nice macaron whenever I can get one! Lovelovelove these delicious French desserts!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Xx PatriciaParisienne












Top 10 Things NOT to do on the Métro

Hello darlings,

I’m coming at you with a little bit of lingering métro rage. Yes, you read me right, métro rage. It’s a thing.

Spring break tourist period has begun. That means that MEGA BUSY tourist season (spring through summer/early fall) is upon us. “Whoa, whoa! You’re not even French,” you say. No, I am not. But I do live here and love my adopted city, which means that I am becoming Parisian whether I like it or not (like, LOVE) aka I have all the right to rale. Here is my list:

1. DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE METRO HALLWAYS. That isn’t the official name but you know what I mean.

I get it. There are cool ads, amazing people watching – but this is not the park. And refrain especially from doing this during rush hour. This means 8-10 am and 4-8 pm. Just don’t. You will suffer the following consequences:

-get “oh la la!!!!!”-ed at
-get heavily sighed at
-someone will faire la tête at you
-you will be called a flurry of negative things and then be told how to walk in the metro in rapid-fire French
-you will get pushed (bousculé-d)

If somehow and for some reason none of the above happens to you, rest assured that you are one of God’s favorites and you should go invest in risky stocks or something.


It’s an unwritten rule but you will have unknowingly silently screamed “I AM A TOURIST!” to everyone. Aka watch out for pickpockets now. Also, it’s just common courtesy. WAIT YO TURN.

3. When exiting one of the few lovely metros with escalators, stick to the right if you’re just chilling so those that are rushing can shimmy up on the left-hand side. Recap: STICK TO THE RIGHT. THE LEFT IS FOR THOSE THAT ARE MOVING.

4. Your extra beauty routines are for your HOME.

I don’t want to see you:
Clip your nails
Tweeze your eyebrows
Paint your nails
Floss your teeth
Change your clothes
Put on deodorant

****Nota Bene: I totally get it if you have to do your makeup though. No judging there.

5. DO NOT step directly in front of a mother carrying a heavy stroller and baby down the stairs.

Those things are (both) HEAVY. Instead, if you are not in a hurry, ask if you can help and grab the side of the stroller she asks you to take. It takes all of 20 seconds, and you will make her day. This goes for both girls and guys. Random Act of Kindness for the day, done, boom!

6. DO NOT eat your dinner on the metro.

Everyone is starving and will just be eyeing you and your food. It’s just uncomfortable for everyone, the hungry and you. More you.

But are breakfast and lunch all right? Yup, those are kosher. Word to the wise, speaking from experience, you will want to always carry antibacterial gel in your bag. Every germ in the world can be found in the metro. I am sick approximately every two and a half weeks. The doctor says its because it takes a body two years to get used to a new, colder climate when one comes from a warm place (aka gorgeous sunny Southern California), but I call bollocks on that and blame it on the Worldwide Germ Convention, also known as the métro. Hand sanitizer is your best friend if you decide to eat on or simply ride the métro.

7. PLEASE REFRAIN from imposing your iTunes library on the entire metro. Aka turn down the volume.

I’m glad you like your song. Sometimes I like them, too. However, for the future of your hearing abilities, please turn it down. Especially when it’s some god-awful screamo “music.” (FYI- it’s not music.)

8. DO excuse yourself when you hit, trip, kick (it happens), push, fall into someone’s lap and/or manhandle someone on the metro.

It’s pronounced “par-dohn.” (“Pardon!”) or if you really hurt them, follow up with an “Excusez-moi.” Again, it’s a matter of courtesy.

8. DO stand up if the metro starts getting full

…if you’re in the fold down seats.

9. DO give up your seat to an older, disabled, pregnant, or really exhausted looking person when the seats are all taken. One day that may be you and man, will you appreciate that! Karma exists, people.


There’s no need to scream.

I’m talking to my fellow Americans here. We are loud and proud. BUT – when we are in France, we are literally in French territory. Hence, do as the French do. Be absolutely silent, and avoid eye contact.

This list could go on for a while. A few other metro no-nos are: coughing or sneezing on your hand and then touching the metal bars that EVERYONE ELSE has to use, scrambling through your pockets to find a metro ticket in front of the entrance into the metro (especially during rush hour), getting too close to people when it’s unnecessary (aka don’t sit right next to me if there are three other seats available, kthanksbye), pushing bags into people, taking up two seats with your bags when it’s busy, being rowdy on the metro (just use it as your meditation time), or not moving when you are in front of the doors and there are people behind you who need to get off. Just a few little things to keep in mind for your next Paris trip.

Summary: Walk fast and with confidence. Follow these guidelines, and your metro experience will be all the more delightful.

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Things I See in Paris: An Evening Walk in the Marais

I recently went for a nighttime stroll around the Marais with a friend and as always, discovered more things to love about Paris. Here are some images of what we saw and discovered as we were walking and talking.











7th Arrondissement Caffeine Stop: Coutume Café

I had heard so much about Coutume Café that I finally decided to go and see what the fuss was all about. Now, I understand. The café reminds me of an American coffee shop with a French twist. The American side: … Continue reading

Six Year Old Breakdancing Phenomenon Terra

I was blown away by six-year old Terra, aka “Bgirl Terra.” She competed in and won the “Baby Battle” portion of the 2013 Chelles Battle Pro breakdance competition held in Paris on March 2.

Watch this jaw-dropping video of these two talented kids dance-battling it out in style. You’re making England proud, Terra!


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Paris Fashion Week 2013 – Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Femininity and the Fifties

This year’s Ready to Wear Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013-2014 collection was unexpected.  While I adored this past fall’s pieces, what I saw on the models this Fashion Week was not what I was envisaging but still interesting to analyze. All of the models were sporting the same short black wig, only accentuating the sultry look of the collection’s pieces. Lingerie dresses were paired with tweed and boy-cut coats, creating the most chic walk of shame ensembles I have ever seen. As the models filed down the runway, there was a juxtaposition between a traditional notion of femininity and a non-conventional, borderline androgynous sense of it.

Below I included my favorite pieces for next season. The looks I posted pertain to the über feminine side of Marc Jacobs’ creations, which include soft, flattering tops and pencil skirts, as well as a fun halter number that shows a lighter side of the French fashion line.

What I loved about the show was the concept! The “grand hotel” theme was brilliant, with models coming out of different doors to march down the runway.  American designer Jacobs added a cheeky final hurrah to the show; he came out of the “hotel room” door wearing his menswear line pajamas, as if he was a hotel guest with the models.

naomi watts louis vuitton

Actress Naomi Watts in Paris before the Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2013-2014 show

arnault vadianova

Antoine Arnault, model and girlfriend Natalia Vodianova, and friend

louis vuitton ready to wear fw 201314

like lv rtw 1214

fun lv piece

quite feminine lv piece

fave louis vuitton look fall winter 2013-2014

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2013 rtw

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2013 ready to wear collection

cheeky marc jacobs louis vuitton paris fashion week 2013

Photos courtesy of Vogue.fr and Oregonlive.com

Museums are FREE this Sunday!

Museums are FREE this Sunday!

This Sunday will be the first Sunday of the month. This means it’s a museum day! The beautiful musées de Paris* are free for everyone on Sundays, one of the many things I love about this city. Art and culture are available … Continue reading

Happy March!

Hello darlings!

After a fabulous birthday weekend in England, my 25th birthday, a week of hibernation due to sickness, and a cold week in Paris, I am back on the blog and working on posts to share some beautiful places and images with you.

Wishing you a fantastic Friday and an incredible weekend!

xx PatriciaParisienne

hello again patriciaparisienne