Happy May Day!

C’est la Fête du Muguet !

Today in France, people are gifting each other muguets, or lilies of the valley. A small sprig or bouquet of these is given to loved ones in order to wish people luck, as it’s regarded as a porte bonheur, or good luck charm.

muguet lilies of the valley french tradition may 1 may day 1er mai fete du travail et des travailleurs

Dating back to the 16th century, Charles IX began to give these flowers as a sign of good luck, and the tradition has stayed ever since. Since the late 19th century, May 1 has also been associated with the French Labor Day, or Fête du Travail et des Travailleurs. The best part of this day? It’s a bank holiday! One of the four in the month of May, to be exact. This year, the day has been gray and rainy, save for a nice bit of sunshine at around 8 this morning. Either way, it’s a nice day to relax and enjoy a nice day with loved ones.

Happy May 1, everyone!