My Little Box

May I present to you the French Birchbox equivalent, My Little Box.

A subsidiary of the site My Little Paris, My Little Box is your mid-month treat. The concept: a little surprise package of goodies and samples that are delivered chez toi.  Arriving between the 15th and the 20th of the month, the boxes are themed (i.e. in December, they had a “Christmas box,” and in February, they had a “Valentine’s Day” box).

This month’s My Little Box was Riviera-themed. Complete with all of the beach gear one could want, the little surprises included: a cute luggage tag for a quick pick-up at baggage claim, sunglasses, coconut spray to refresh your skin after tanning on the sand, cooling cream for those that fell asleep in the sun for a little too long, fun nail polish in summer hues, an inspiring quotation from Brigitte Bardot, and a little magazine with DIY tips and enlightening interviews. I’m ready for the South of France!

With French Mother’s Day coming up, this is a great gift idea.  (Also a nice idea: calling or sending a card to your mother and your partner’s mother. It’ll get you brownie points, promise.) You can surprise your favorite lady with a My Little Box subscription for 3 or 6 months. At 15€50 a month, the subscription price really is a steal, given what’s inside these monthly boxes! As for it being a personal treat, I like the no-strings-attached clause; you can stop at any time without any cancellation fees.

The mystery box is such a nice thing to look forward to every month, plus who doesn’t absolutely love getting a package in the mail?

Here’s what this month’s box looked like. Cannot wait to take these items to the South of France!

xx PatriciaParisienne


Translation: “What was the most beautiful (best) day of your life?” “It was a night.”

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