Happy Macaron Day! C’est le jour du macaron!

Today is the day!

Le Jour du Macaron is finally here! After work, it’s off to Pierre Hermé I go! “Un don, un macaron” (a donation, a macaron) is the slogan chez PH, as they are raising money for Vaincre la Mucoviscidose, an organization that raises money for cystic fibrosis research.

Here are a few pictures to get you stoked on your future macaron(s) on this special day! Personally, I think it should be a national holiday, but I will take a nice macaron whenever I can get one! Lovelovelove these delicious French desserts!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Xx PatriciaParisienne












A fabulous macaron recipe by An English Gourmande!

An English Gourmande

In Helmut Fritz’s song, Ça M’énerve, he singles out the customers at Ladurée queuing for macaroons (or macarons if you want to be French about it). Then he backtracks saying he’s heard macaroons actually taste pretty good. Nonetheless, many felt his frustration; macaroon-mania has had an inordinate amount of airtime. After all they’re just almond meringue jam sandwiches. Let’s not forget those lovely coconut macaroons with rice paper bottoms that are just as praise-worthy and don’t lend themselves to a faux-French accent.

So for the past couple of years I cut off my nose to spite my face and ignored them. Until last week when my eight-year-old nephew brought me to my senses by making a beautiful batch. I’m living in Paris for goodness sake! Surely that’s as good an excuse as any to jump on the bandwagon.

Mora, ParisAs they’re a notorious faff to make I set aside a Saturday…

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