Happy Halloween!

happy halloween pumpkin trick or treating 2013 paris candy

It’s October 31, and tonight, all the little monsters, ghosts, witches, superheroes, princesses, and pumpkins in the US will head out with a bag or bucket in hand, hoping to fill it with their favorite candies by the end of … Continue reading

Swimming in the Seine | A Day of Boating in the River

I never thought I’d say that I swam in the Seine.

But it is possible! This past weekend, the Englishman and I spent a day of exploring a little bit of the Île de France with the lovely Sonia and Yannick. After a quick 25 minute train ride, we arrived to Melun, a charming town near Fontainebleau. Armed with plenty of baguettes, we set out for our picnic on the Seine.

Yannick comes from a family where boating and water sports are a passion, and he was kind enough to take us out on his boat. We got in the boat and sped off toward a little river-side spot with shade to have our picnic. Sonia’s cucumber, watermelon and feta salad was the perfect appetizer for the hot day, and Yannick’s zucchini and chèvre tart was delicious. We had cheese and yogurt for dessert, with rosé to accompany the meal. Yum!

Then came the high speed part of the trip! We took off down the river, enjoying the incredibly gorgeous homes that line it. Tell you what, those houses make you dream! They were all different styles of architecture, from gothic to Germanic to fairy-tale-castle-esque (you know what I mean). Yannick showed us his favorite house, which has a bridge and arch connecting the two sides of the house. I’m not gonna lie; it totally made me think of Hogwarts.

We found a nice spot a bit further up, anchored the boat, and jumped into the water. It was so unbelievably refreshing! I am not used to 90 degree (F)/30 degree (C) weather, so these last few days have been a learning experience as to how to beat the heat. We shouldn’t complain because we had an eternal winter where we all wished for a ray of sunshine – and now we have it! In full force.

The river current was strong so we had a bit of a workout trying to not stray too far from the boat, but wow! The swim was amazing. I lovelovelove being near and/or in the water, so it was such a treat to be able to do that so close to Paris. I highly recommend taking a day trip down to the area. It’s beautiful and provides a nice and natural change of scenery from the city.

Merci beaucoup, Sonia et Yannick !

xx PatriciaParisienne









La Galette des Rois – Three Kings Day Cake

The French celebrate Three Kings Day, or La Fête Des RoisThe first Sunday of each new year is dedicated to this celebration, and one of the most important players in this day is the delicious galette des rois.

France Galette des Rois three kings day la fete des rois

Traditionally a puff pastry with a frangipane stuffing (almond paste used in desserts), the galette is served to everyone in a very particular manner.  The youngest person present goes under the table and decides how the slices are designated.  Whoever finds the féve, the object placed inside the galette, is the queen or king of the day and, of course, gets to wear the crown that accompanies the galette.

Boulangère france galette des rois three kings day la fete des rois 2013

A French boulangère with her galettes des rois and crowns

This year’s galette was absolutely delicious, and the lovely Mieko was pronounced the queen of the day!

galette des rois la fete des rois france 2013 couronne feve

Mieko found the féve!

Holiday Window Displays (Part 2): Dior & Printemps


Inaugurated by the marvelous French actress Marion Cotillard, the Dior Parisian-inspired window displays for Printemps are the essence of French glamour.

Watch this incredible video on the creation of the dolls, their clothes, and the window scenes. You can also watch the grand opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting for this year’s window displays at the French department store Printemps, as well as a mini interview with Marion Cotillard.

Dior window display at Printemps vitrines paris printemps 2012 decembre

Dior window display at Printemps

vitrines paris 2012 printemps dior decembre

Dior dolls – Printemps

Dior scene at Printemps Vitrines decembre 2012

Dior scene

dior printemps vitrines 2012 decembre noel paris window displays department stores hausmann

Dior elegance

Dior dolls at the ball printemps vitrines decembre 2012 paris department stores haussmann noel

Dior dolls at the ball

dior ball printemps 2012 vitrines window displays paris department store haussmann

Dior Ball

dior inspiration parisienne printemps 2012 paris department store vitrine

Inspirations Parisiennes by Dior at Printemps

64, bd Haussmann
75009 Paris – France
Tél. : 01 42 82 50 00

Holiday Window Displays (Part 1): Louis Vuitton & Galeries Lafayette

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” croons Andy Williams.

I love December. I love everything about it! The cold, the holiday spirit, the carols, the winter attire, the advent calendars, The Holiday, Love Actually, the mulled wine or Glühwein or vin chaud, or whatever you may call it, the beautiful trees, the bûche de Noël, the Champs-Élysées lights, the marchés de Noël, (now) the mincepies, the Christmas crackers, the posadas, and, of course, the decorations.

If you are in Paris for the holidays, you must add “go see window displays” to your Parisian to-do list.  Let me clarify; these are absolutely NOT your ordinary window displays. When Dior and Louis Vuitton are involved, you don’t just get beauty, you get magic. And if Vogue raves about it, you know it’s good.

In this three-part blog series, PatriciaParisienne will take you on a tour of this year’s vitrines.

 Galeries Lafayette

The department store’s theme “Christmas of the Century” (Noël du Siècle), along with its Disney Princess addition, makes this a fairy tale holiday all month. The gorgeous Louis Vuitton window displays will be available for your sight-seeing pleasure through January 1, 2013.

Galeries Lafayette Disney Carriage christmas paris noel 2012 vitrines

Galeries Lafayette Disney Carriage

Swarovski tree sapin galeries lafayette noel du siecle

Swarovski tree in Galeries Lafayette ~ There are over 5,000 Swarovski crystals on this tree.

Louis Vuitton Dancers in the Galeries Lafayette Window Displays noel vitrines paris 2012

Couples dancing at the ball ~ Galeries Lafayette Homme window display

Louis Vuitton Galeries Lafayette vitrines window display christmas noel paris 2012

Panda dancing in the window

Galeries Lafayette

40, Bd Haussmann
75009 Paris