My latest discovery in the 9th arrondissement is the darling Marlette. I had cafe lust for a few weeks until one Friday afternoon, I was finally able to try it with some of my favorite ladies in Paris. It was … Continue reading

Un Dimanche à Paris

Un Dimanche à Paris Le Péché d’Adam paris dessert pastry patisserie

Celebrations must include desserts. Since my Verdi and Wagner seminar ends at 12:30 p.m., Lauren and I decided to opt for celebratory sweets instead of lunch or drinks. The cause for celebration? Having both presented our 20-minute, entirely-in-French exposés (presentations) on Verdi … Continue reading

Ten Belles: The Best Coffee Hangout in the 10th

I fell in love with this caffeination corner.

I stopped in for a little afternoon boost, in this case, a fabulous filtered coffee and a chocolate chip cookie! The baristas were so friendly and made me feel at home. After my little snack, I spotted the banana bread on the menu and took a slice to go for later. I was so happy I did; it was unreal! Can’t wait to go back again soon with some girlfriends for breakfast and enjoy the upstairs area!
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Ten Belles

10 Rue de la Grange aux Belles  

75010 Paris, France

Jacques Genin: A Chocolate Paradise in Paris

Wow. That’s all I could think as I was biting into the millefeuille dessert at Jacques Genin. “Wow” is also the word I said after I had my first sip of their incredible hot chocolate. Jacques Genin is a chocolate … Continue reading

7th Arrondissement Caffeine Stop: Coutume Café

I had heard so much about Coutume Café that I finally decided to go and see what the fuss was all about. Now, I understand. The café reminds me of an American coffee shop with a French twist. The American side: … Continue reading