The French notion of a year follows the academic calendar. The year begins in September à la rentrée, not in January. This year is now ending; the mass exodus of Parisians and Paris-dwellers from the French capital has begun. Vacationing in the sud, la maision de campagne, or abroad, Parisians won’t be back in the city until late August to early September to begin a new year. I’ve had to say both temporary and more prolonged goodbyes to friends, which can be heartbreaking, but thanks to my snap-happy ways, it’s easy to revisit the great memories we’ve made and beautiful places we’ve visited throughout the year.

Our Friday coffee dates were the perfect way to end the week, see the girls, and catch up on any recent developments. I’ve mentioned it time and time again, but the support network I’ve found in Paris has been exceptional. Women here support other women, and it’s both a blessing and relief to have found these ladies!

Okay, moving on to the delicious part: our Ladurée pastries! One of the oldest tea rooms in the city, the Ladurée salon de thé is a pastry lover’s paradise. We enjoyed a variety of decadent tarts and macarons with tea and coffee. It took us ages to order, because every little cake looked divine. (Note: it’s better to choose first, then talk, or else the server gets a bit testy!) My raspberry tart was beyond words; how do they make them so beautifully and rich, every time?

We met at the Madeleine location, which was nice, but I would recommend visiting the Bonaparte location, which is quainter and has much better lighting if you’re interested in taking photos, or the tea room on the Champs-Elysées, as they have a lovely terrace for people watching and al fresco dining.

Looking forward to our Friday dates in the fall!

PatriciaParisienne xx



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