Native Native Teams Up with Les Nouveaux Fromagers at Ô Chateau

There’s nothing better than a good wine and cheese night. In France, we are spoiled with some of the best of both categories. My most recent W&CN was not any ordinary evening, thanks to Native Native.

Native Native, a new collective for international bloggers in France, organizes blogger events every month in Paris. Launched this year by the talented London phenomenon Imogen Bailey, it’s been a huge success with the blogosphere – and she’s just getting started. Upcoming events include a collaboration with trendspotting magazine Soon Soon Soon at the brand-new La REcyclerie, which is already making waves in the hipster, bobo, and branche parigot circles.

June’s event was held at wine bar Ô Chateau in the 1e arrondissement. We were led to the back tasting room, which you will see below. The design, from the choice of the wood paneling to the plush stools, is old-school chic. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful setting for a wine tasting. The table was set and dotted with bright floral arrangements in the center of the table, as well as our Les Nouveaux Fromagers boxes. I couldn’t wait to open them!

Olivier Birade, co-founder of Les Nouveaux Fromagers (LNF), led the cheese tasting. Along with fellow business school grad Arthur Bernard, he founded LNF in October 2013, a monthly subscription box that delivers a variety of cheeses to your door. Each month is themed; we enjoyed the June idea of cheese and chutney pairing, “Fromage et Confit: l’union fait la force!” The Fauchon fig and olive chutney they included was to die for! It truly complemented the four glorious cheeses we enjoyed that night. For a full description of the June cheeses and Les Nouveaux Fromagers, I invite you to check out their site here.

Justin, our sommelier for the night, paired the cheese with three white wines. (I made sure to take pictures of the bottles for my wine lovers out there!) Half French, half American, he presented the wines well, providing interesting facts about the different regions where each wine is produced. I recommend booking a tasting with Ô Chateau (they’re offered in English, as well), or at least stopping by for a lovely glass of wine or champagne. I know I’ll be heading back with some girlfriends for a ladies night!

Many thanks to Native Native for hosting this beautiful event and for inviting me, to Les Nouveaux Fromagers for sharing their delicious cheeses with us, to O Chateau for the wine and for allowing us to enjoy their tasting room, and to my lovely fellow bloggers for their company that evening.

PatriciaParisienne xx

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