Sunday Afternoon in Paris | Pierre Hermé Brunch

As you may have gathered from my Instagram, I am guilty of having an incurable sweet tooth. I can’t resist a delicious pastry! Luckily, my friends feel the same way; the girls love a good patisserie. To indulge in our guilty pleasure, Faye had the brilliant idea of hosting a Pierre Hermé brunch.

Famous for his macarons, Pierre Hermé is a well-known French pastry chef whose creations are edible works of art. My first PH experience was when Lauren so sweetly gave me the vanilla tart for my 25th birthday. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have to stop myself from getting a macaron every time I walk by one of his shops. My favorites are his intense chocolate and salted caramel flavors, but I do enjoy tempting fate by trying the different mystery flavor each month. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! (P.S. Macaron ≠ MacaroOn)

Right, back to the brunch! The day of the brunch was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. The sun was out, and it felt like summer had finally arrived. Some of my favorite ladies and I enjoyed yummy granola from Soul Kitchen, fresh juices with fun straws, and a colorful fruit salad, courtesy of our hostess. We had a fun time ooh-ing, ah-ing, and photographing the beautiful cakes, but the best parts of the brunch were the company, of course, and the tasting! And yes, they are just as amazing as they look. I almost didn’t want to eat them! …almost 😉

It was such a perfect end to the weekend. Merci les filles for the wonderful company and to Faye for being such a fantastic hostess!

PatriciaParisienne xx



8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon in Paris | Pierre Hermé Brunch

  1. OMG! Those look so pretty! I had to stop myself last night from getting macarons randomly from Pierre Hermé, just because I randomly walked by a shop of his. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Sometimes he comes into my day job, and I want to just hug him. He makes such delightful things! 🙂


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  3. Oh I never saw this post, and I still have to make mine!
    I love the photos, they are making me dream about that lovely morning!
    It’s been so long, hope to see your pretty face soon!


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