Roland Garros 2014

Last weekend, l‘anglais and I went to Roland Garros, the French Open, on a gorgeously sunny Saturday. My love for tennis came rushing back, and by the end of the day, I was itching to get my hands on a racket!

roland garros 2014 french open tennis
Our day in Boulogne was wonderful. We found incredible seats directly behind the players, which made the experience so intimate.

2014-05-31 10.57.04

We could see them sweating, watch their muscles tense, hear them cursing, and catch the resonant pings of perfect hits. It was heaven.

2014-05-31 11.10.37-1 2014-05-31 12.42.22

roland garros 2014 french open tennis

Tips for Roland Garros:

1. To get tickets, make sure you set alerts. 

We set an e-mail alert to remind us when tickets for the French Open went on sale. Then, make yourself available to buy tickets on that morning, because tickets go fast!

Moët & Chandon champagne

2. Go for the ground passes.

Unless you’re hardcore tennis fans, the ground passes are the way to go. If you book on the days that the qualifiers are on, you can see big name stars up close in courts 2 – 18.

roland garros court 2 french open tennis

3. Book your lodgings as soon as possible.

I recommend staying near Boulogne and/or along line 10. The earlier you head to the grounds, the better. The open court are first come, first serve seating, so you pretty much ensure yourself good seats by being the first people on the courts. There are several cafes and brasseries near the stadium, so head to Boulogne early and then have your morning coffee and breakfast there while you wait for the grounds to open. (Extra tip: make sure to stop by the bathrooms before finding your seat on the courts. Otherwise, you forfeit your place as soon as you exit the court, whatever the reason may be.)

roland garros french open 2014 france tennis

4. Pack a lunch.

The food at Roland Garros is quite average and on the pricey side. We learned the hard way the first year, but this year came prepared! You are allowed to bring in food from the outside, which is truly wonderful. (Bringing in alcohol is a blurred line.) Pack a Tupperware lunch and snacks for the day, or if you don’t have a kitchen where you’re staying, you can head to any Paris bakery for a few delicious baguette sandwiches, the supermarket for snacks, and the local marché for some fruits and veggies. That way you can treat yourself to nice drinks or a Haagen-Dazs ice cream on the grounds!

roland garros tennis french open moet and chandon champagne france

5. Dress for the weather. 

If you’re in the sun, you will get hot quickly; if you’re in the stands out of the sun, you can get quite chilly. Even if the weather forecast is set for sun, bring a sweater along and an umbrella. Word to the wise, don’t wear a sweater with nothing underneath if it’s meant to be warm (this year’s mistake). Although, in case you need them, the gift shop can certainly supply these items.

2014-05-31 12.42.52-1 2014-05-31 16.07.30 roland garros french open 2014 france tennis outfits

How darling are these outfits! I went to the gift shop but sadly they don’t stock these lovely dresses. They’re effortlessly chic, don’t you think?

See you next year, Roland Garros!

PatriciaParisienne xx

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