Rue Mouffetard Gem | Dose, Dealer de Cafe

The fifth arrondissement has yet another treasure that can be found on rue Mouffetard. Jean-Baptiste, one of the co-founders, opened Dose, Dealer of Cafe in December with his cousin. Both alumni of business schools and passionate about entrepreneurship (it runs in the family), they have created a coffee shop with something one rarely finds in Paris: a to-go window!

I visited Dose with Lauren and Melissa on a sunny/rainy Tuesday (the weather has been all over the place lately!) before work. We enjoyed a variety of coffees, and I loved my allongé. I always have my coffee black, which shows the coffee’s true colors, I think. It was so delicious; I had to ask where their torréfacteur was! Their secret is Caffe Cataldi in Bretagne, who won the Best Coffee Roaster in France Award in 2010. I’ll have to pick up some beans next time I’m in Bretagne…

For my gourmands, the baked goods are also top-notch. A few muffins come from Rachel’s Cakes, while the rest of the snacks are homemade. I find that chocolate cake tends to go very well with a coffee, so I can vouch for the brownie.

The location is great for those of us that study in the 5th arrondissement, because there is good wifi and several outlets, which, of course, is technological gold. For all of these elements, I give Dose a 20/20.

Have a lovely weekend!

PatriciaParisienne xx

Dose, Dealer de Cafe

73, rue Mouffetard



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