Sight Seeker’s Delight Tour | Le Marais

I am so excited to tell you about my amazing experience on a Sight Seeker’s Delight tour! It is a must-do on your next visit to Paris, or for my locals, something you need to get on your Paris bucket list.

Karen, the owner and founder of  Sight Seeker’s Delight, was our tour guide on the sunny Sunday last month for the Jewish Tour, one of the six tours the company offers. We made our way around the marais, one of my favorite quartiers in Paris and the renowned Jewish quarter of Paris. I loved stepping into the synagogue (you can only do this via Karen’s tour) and hearing about the Jewish history in Paris and the many contributions of the Jewish community to France as we know it today. You’ll be surprised and dazzled with Karen’s stories of their relationship to the Champagne region, present-day systems and customs in France, plus their influence on certain buildings in the capital. Many things I had taken for granted in Paris are now sources of wonder in my eyes!

We had a fun lunch break at the famous L’As du Fallafel. Karen is such a VIP in the marais; she even has her own “Karen special” dish at the restaurant! Everyone knows her; you can tell by the non-stop kissing and “Ça va”-ing that went on throughout our walk. Everyone in the group had such a lovely time. For three hours, Karen had us in stitches laughing, made us cry with her heartwarming stories, and had us reflecting on our new knowledge. I’ve never been on a more touching and informative tour. Thank you, Karen! Get your buns over to the Sight Seeker’s Delight site and book your tour of Paris.

Can’t wait for my next tour!

xx PatriciaParisienne

More information on the tour from the Sight Seeker’s Delight site:

Learn the story of the Jewish community in France from the 4th century to the present while strolling the elegant streets of the Parisian Jewish quarter. Enter some of the area’s religious institutions (Roger Fleischman Foundation, synagogue of Hector Guimard), get VIP treatment at a famous restaurant, and finish in front the moving SHOAH memorial.

The Jewish History tour is not just for travelers of Jewish faith – it is an informative and fascinating tour that we recommend to everyone (especially if you like falafel; there is a lunch break at a kosher Israli restaurant famous for it, about 10 euros – not included in tour price). The tour is filled with anecdotes and information you won’t necessarily find in books – stories from Holocaust survivors and their families, Rabbis from the Marais and around the world, and Jewish friends in Paris… and on a lighter note of course there will be some great Jewish humor since we want to see your smiles!

We are proud to inform you that a minimum 10% of the profit from this tour are donated to the synagogues each month, who are kind enough to let us enter every day.

This tour must be started at 11:00am Sunday- Thursday and 10:30am on Fridays. This tour is not available on Saturdays or Jewish holidays.



 A little musical snack on our walk through the Place des Vosges


Another reason to go on this tour: you walk by the gorgeous Cafe Pouchkine and its tempting creations!




Murcian0 Boulangerie et Patisserie, 16 rue des Rosiers, 75004 : the best challah bread in town!


We had the absolute privilege of seeing these beautiful, centuries-old Torahs that were hidden away during the war.



The queen of the Marais herself, Karen Reb Rudel!


 Inside one of the synagogues that we visited. You can only go inside on Karen’s tours, so book your tour with Sight Seeker’s Delight!


 Miznon, a cool restaurant in the Marais


 “The Karen Special”


 My delicious sandwich at the famous L’As du Fallafel, 32-34 rue des Rosiers, 75004.



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