THATRue | A Scavenger Hunt through Paris!

I love scavenger hunts. Could you imagine how fun it would be to go on a scavenger hunt in Paris? Let me rock your world quickly – you can now book one!

THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre) has now launched a third hunt, THATRue, which takes place in the streets of the Latin Quarter. A group of thirty bloggers, Paris-dwellers, and expats met up in the Luxembourg Gardens for a fun-filled afternoon. Everyone was buzzing around excitedly, more than ready to head on the hunt! My group, the WinePats, went on the hunt in the 5th, while other groups adventured into the 6th arrondissement.

It was a blast! Daisy de Plume, creator of these hunts and owner of THATLou, had brilliant hints and riddles that were interwoven with fun facts about Paris and its history. I learned so many new things about the city; did you know there is a special statue that Sorbonne students visit before exams for good luck? We also had fun challenges that would win us extra points. Unfortunately I can’t post the videos, because I don’t want to give anything away, but we had such a laugh making them. Oh, and I got to sing on the steps of a famous theater, all in the name of the hunt, of course 😉 (They didn’t have to ask me twice!). My team of Victoria and Thierry of Wine Tasting in Pariss was great! We worked well together, and it was very handy to have an international team for the hunt.

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up winning the awesome Kasia Dietz bags nor the 52 Martinis goodie bag, but we did leave wanting more. I can’t wait to conquer THATLou and THATd’Or at the Musée d’Orsay! I wholeheartedly recommend these unique tours to everyone, tourists and Parisians alike. It’s the perfect tour to go on during your stay in Paris or a fun activity to do with friends on a weekend. For more reviews of the fantastic THATRue, head over to the Huffington Post and Love in the City of Lights.

Merci, Daisy!

xx PatriciaParisienne

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