My latest discovery in the 9th arrondissement is the darling Marlette. I had cafe lust for a few weeks until one Friday afternoon, I was finally able to try it with some of my favorite ladies in Paris. It was so worth the wait.

The interior is light, airy, and so cozy. It felt like you were in a glamorous country house in the French campagne. One wall is lined with the famous cake mixes, for which they were initially known. Their counter and work space is in the center like a kitchen island and works well in keeping the cafe spacious. The comfy booths with cushions are the cherry on top. I’m a huge fan of urban living rooms, like at Kozy Paris, so this was right up my alley.

I had a rooibos almond tea, a great recommendation from the server, but everyone was happy with their choice of coffee. My coffee connoisseurs – you can get a good cup of joe here, too!

That afternoon was my first time meeting Edna, the traveling blogger, whose posts I thoroughly enjoy reading, curled up with a cup of tea. It’s always interesting to meet the person behind the blog. Sometimes they sound exactly what their blog reads like, which is great, other times it’s a surprise. With Edna, she is just as genuine and fun as her blog would suggest.

I have so much fun meeting up with my blogger girls. We have made the choice to live our lives out loud, in a way, and so when we get together, that openness translates into an upbeat, exciting time. We compliment one another on a recent post, chat about the latest photos on social media, give tips on where to go in the city and what to try, and just have such a laugh. I leave these coffee dates on a happy high from being around these positive, motivated women!

I think that it’s important to have a network of people that inspire you, and I feel lucky that I’ve found so many people like that here. As the six of us were chatting excitedly around the table at Marlette, I felt that surge of happiness and gratitude that I often have in this city; I can’t believe I get to live, love, and study in this incredible city with such wonderful people.

I recommend visiting Marlette with your best friend for a teatime catch up and to try one of their famous cakes, on Sunday morning with your brunch-loving friend (tip: get there before 11:30 or else you’ll have to wait) or for a sweet breakfast date. At Marlette, you’ll always feel chez toi.

xx PatriciaParisienne

P.S. We may have stopped at Sugar Daze for a cupcake or two… I know, I know, I have a cupcake addiction!


51, rue des Martyrs


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2014-03-21 14.26.40

We thought these dogs were toys at first, they were so still!

We thought these dogs were toys at first, they were so still!

2014-03-21 15.10.13

2014-03-21 15.14.46
2014-03-21 15.16.02
2014-03-21 15.39.43 2014-03-22 12.17.55

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