Happy 1st Birthday, Loustic!

I couldn’t have had a more exciting introduction to Loustic! The visit began as I rushed to the cafe the morning after pulling an all-nighter (nuit blanche, here).  Usually the morning after a nuit blanche, I’m on a happy high until about 4 p.m. Every emotion is felt to the nth degree, and as it was a beautiful day, I was feeling particularly ecstatic. I was going to conquer the day!

As I turned onto rue Chapon, I heard a man shout “Mademoiselle! Mademoiselle!” Often times, when you answer this “call,” you live to regret it. So I ignored him and swept past. Mistake. I should have responded; this man wasn’t the typical creep. He was kindly trying to tell me that my skirt was, in fact, being pulled up by my bag. I was flashing the world my underwear…Cool.

Luckily, I walked into Loustic and instantly caught the mistake in the mirror, blushing furiously. Don’t moments like these make you wonder just how long you’ve been walking like that?  It must have been since the metro, and that was a solid ten minute walk. Voila, my flashy grand entrance.

Lauren and Danielle were upstairs, chatting away about Danielle’s fascinating master’s thesis. I love how passionate she is about her research. It’s not only interesting (hello, delicious food!), but it’s also relevant on social and politic levels. What a brilliant woman, n’est-ce pas ? She has inspired me to truly search for an angle that will allow me to have that same passion for my own master’s project.

A few minutes later, a man came upstairs holding a big box. “Would you ladies like a cupcake? It’s our first birthday and we are celebrating by giving our customers free cupcakes today.” Lauren and I shrieked with happiness, and the three of us enthusiastically accepted. I took a good look at them and, being the cupcake connoisseur that I am, asked if they were from Sugar Daze. Indeed they were. I had wanted to pop by the day before, but instead, the cupcakes came to me!

Later, the same man, Channa, came by with another box, this time filled with snicker doodle cookies – my favorite – from Emperor Norton, which I had been wanting to try for ages. It was definitely our lucky day. Both desserts complemented my smooth V60. The coffee was truly fantastic, and I loved their comfy, quirky decor. I’m looking forward to going back again soon.

Wishing you a lovely week,

xx PatriciaParisienne


40, rue Chapon


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4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Loustic!

    • Likewise! I truly am so inspired by your passion for your thesis. Our conversation has really motivated me to work hard these past few days. Thank you! Hope to see you again soon love xx


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