Paris Half Marathon 2014

This past Sunday was one for the books. After running a 10k in England together, l’anglais and I, in our endorphin-happy state, decided to sign up for the Paris half marathon.  It seemed ages away, but you know how time flies…


Suddenly it was marathon weekend! We went to the Parc Floral de Paris on Saturday to collect our bibs and t-shirts for the race. The process was eerily easy; as you may know, administrative affairs in France can take several visits and entire days of sitting and waiting in an office. We arrived early and didn’t have to wait in line. (This was a first for me.) We handed over our doctor’s notes clearing us for the run, our IDs, and our race confirmation. We were quickly handed our next document and headed off to get our bibs. In five minutes, we had our bibs and t-shirts and were out the door!


Sunday morning, we woke up at 7:30 a.m. ready for the race. Getting on the metro was an experience; I’ve never seen it so packed! There’s only one line that goes to Chateau de Vincennes, so we had to wait for three trains to go by until we finally managed to cram into a carriage.


It was such a beautiful, sunny day, and the excitement was palpable. 20140302-225131.jpg


We ran into some friends that were running it in the fast group: 1h35!20140302-225201.jpg


The sweatshirt I am wearing is a donation gift from a dear friend’s organization, Paris for the Philippines, that is helping rebuild the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda severely devastated certain parts of the Philippines, killing thousands and affecting up to millions of people in its aftermath.

20140302-225605.jpg 20140302-225615.jpg20140302-225219.jpg


Happy and ready to run in our fluorescent shoes! 20140302-225244.jpg




And we are off!




I was so pumped until just after we took this pictures. After the 11th kilometer, my legs started getting a bit heavy, but my playlist kept my pumped!


Hey there, Notre Dame!



Almost there! Just one kilometer to go…20140302-225636.jpg

Aaand DONE! 21 kilometers, 13.1 miles, fini!


Ran into the lovely Chase, who legged it.20140302-225509.jpg

Happy to be done 🙂20140302-225646.jpg

A little post-run treat at the boulangerie!


7 thoughts on “Paris Half Marathon 2014

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  2. Well done Tricia ! I did a 10k last year and admire you for making such a huge leap. Also, there’s no way I could have taken photos during the race, so again, well done! I’m glad the weather was so lovely, it’s easier to be distracted by the landmarks along the way. Maybe I’ll aim for this next year…you’ve inspired me! xx


    • Thanks, Lou! Absolutely; you can do it! It’s such a fun run. Everyone is so pumped, and there’s music everywhere! I am thinking about doing it again, that and La Parisienne because it’s a short run and we can dress up! I’d love to get a team together and all run in costume 🙂


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