PatriciaParisienne Presents: Kerrie Hess, Illustrator & Author

Image compliments of Kerrie Hess Illustrations Facebook page taken by Carla Coulson Photography

Image compliments of Kerrie Hess Illustrations Facebook page ~ Carla Coulson Photography

Australian illustrator and author Kerrie Hess (Kerrie Hess Illustration) is a world-renowned talent. She has collaborated with distinguished brands such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton,, Vogue, Peter Alexander, Sambag, Tatler, and Kate Spade, to name a few. Hess’s illustrations are stunning, encompassing the elegant and the feminine. In celebration of her upcoming Paris exhibition for the Dorchester Collection and Hotel Le Meurice, we spoke with Kerrie and learned more about the person behind the art.

kerrie hess illustrations paris

1. You’ve worked with some incredible brands; what are some of your most memorable projects? Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Colette Dinnigan, and billboards for Printemps Paris.

Kate Spade Campaign kerrie hess illustrations
2. What does your creative process include? Great music, dark chocolate, and a happy state of mind.
kerrie hess illustrations paris
3. What inspires you? Vintage Vogue covers, Paris, old sketches from Madame Gres.
bike le meurice hotel dorchester collection kerrie hess illustrations paris
4. I loved your book Shoestring Chic! Thank you for the tips! Will we be seeing another book project from you in the future? Thank you! Yes, I would love to, it’s just a matter of time, but yes, stay tuned!
5. I love that you have a trademark style, yet you put a unique spin on every project so the illustrations are never the same. How do you continue to design individual pieces for such a diverse range of brands? I think the thing for me is to always stay within my style, but bring something different to every project.  It’s a balance.  There is always room for something new.
6. We can’t wait to see your upcoming exhibition at the Hotel Le Meurice. How would you describe this collection?   Yes, I am very excited about it!  It’s on from the 12th of January until the 26th.  The collection is 16 new pieces all created around and inspired by the luxurious and glamorous world of the Le Meurice, my personal favorite in Paris.
bike le meurice hotel dorchester collection kerrie hess illustrations paris
7. You lived in Paris recently with your family. Would you say that this collection reflects your time in Paris? I would love my life to have been as glamorous!  I can’t say I took my son to school every day in Paris in ball gown unfortunately…  But yes, there were so memorable moments that I will treasure forever in the city.  And I love coming back, it’s such a nice feeling to know your way around in Paris and revisit all of my old haunts, old friends and just soak up the beauty.

Image compliments of Kerrie Hess Illustrations Facebook Page by Carla Coulson Photography

Image compliments of Kerrie Hess Illustrations Facebook Page by Carla Coulson Photography

8. What did you love about living in Paris?  I loved the markets, as well as catching up with friends at Laduree, Le Fumoir, Cafe De Flore, etc.  Just a stroll around the left bank is a great way to waste away an afternoon, or sifting through antiques.

Cafe de Flore

“Cafe de Flore”

9. What are some of your favorite places in the French capital? Lunch in the courtyard at Hotel Costes, Dinner at Le Dali (Le Meurice) or The Cristal Room.  Shopping on Rue St Honoré… 

L'heure du Thé by Le Style

L’heure du Thé by Le Style

laduree kerrie hess illustrations
10. What would you recommend to someone wanting to move to Paris and work in a creative field? Make a network of friends in your field who can hopefully point you in the right direction.
Printemps a Paris ltd edition printemps paris kerrie hess illustrations
11. Where can we look to next to see your work? What upcoming projects do you have?  I have a chocolate range collaboration in the works, more exhibitions, and books in the pipeline! And my side project of limited edition prints!  A new collection is to release shortly. ( A lot of exciting things for 2014.
kerrie hess illustrations happy new year 2014
Un grand merci to Kerrie Hess for her time and her beautiful illustrations. Her collection at the Le Meurice in Paris runs from January 12 – 26, 2014.
Hotel Le Meurice
228 rue de Rivoli
Looking forward to seeing you there!
xx PatriciaParisienne

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