Kôzy Salon Urbain | Your 7th Arrondissement Living Room

An avid caffeine lover, I love starting my day off with a hot cup of black coffee. But the best way to start the day is by having the coffee with a friend. Since Parisian apartments are on the smaller side, these exchanges often take place at various cafes throughout the city. In the past few years, Paris has truly stepped up her coffee standards, as you can see by Coutume Cafe, Ten Belles, Holybelly, and Telescope, among others. I am happy to share with you the newest addition to the scene that comes with a cozy twist: Kôzy Salon Urbain.

Cousins Antoine Le Vu and Romain Le Pape won a Start-Up competition in 2012, and in September 2013 opened Kôzy Salon Urbain in the 7th arrondissement. The concept behind it is simple yet ingenious; they wanted to create a space that felt like an extension of your home, hence the name of the cafe, which translates to “Cozy Urban Living Room.” The decor is modern with comfy couches around low coffee tables and light wooden floors, and the space is well-lit with an expansive feel to it.

To keep with the homey feel, you arrive, grab a platter, serve yourself, and take it up to the counter. It’s similar to the English tradition, where you can often order and pay directly at the bar, then get comfortable. The food is all homemade, or fait maison. There is a lovely array of sweets in the morning: carrot cake (so yummy!), apple and cinnamon cake, real cookies (they are a bit crunchy on the outside and perfectly gooey on the inside), luscious brownies (I wanted all of them), as well as muffins and other delicious baked goodies that we crave in the morning. As I was leaving, they brought out the lunch spread, and I really wished I didn’t have to go!

Though all of these things are enticing, what is truly exceptional is the coffee. We had the pleasure of being able to smell the beans still in the bag; I wish every morning could smell that incredible! I ordered a flat black, which is two shots of espresso poured over the hot water, which allows for the crema to stay intact. It was such a smooth drink! My sister, a tea lover, ordered the cappuccino and raved that it was the best coffee she had ever had. That, ladies and gentlemen, is your proof that this establishment is truly an asset to all Paris-dwelling coffee lovers.

Kôzy Salon Urbain is located in the posh 7th arrondissement, yet  you wouldn’t know based on the prices. An espresso is 1€, whether you drink it there or take it to go. The other coffee prices aren’t much more, because Antoine and Romain believe that high-quality coffee is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. For the hot chocolate lovers, you can enjoy a cup of delicious cocoa made with melted chocolate tablets from the Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Ecuador, or Venezuela.  A beautiful setting, extraordinary coffee, and delicious food – brilliant!

Bonne dégustation,

xx PatriciaParisienne


Kôzy Salon Urbain

79, avenue Bosquet


kozy salon urbain 75007 patriciaparisienne ecole militaire coffeeshop cafe paris france

Kozy Salon Urbain Paris Cafe coffee shop patriciaparisienne france

Kozy Salon Urbain


Kozy Salon Urbain


Kozy Salon Urbain

Kozy Paris Salon Urbain patriciaparisienne cafe coffee shop 75007 7e arrondissement

Kozy Salon Urbain

kozy salon urbain paris france cafe 75007 7e arrondissement avenue bosquet ecole militaire cafe un euro patriciaparisienne france paris

Kozy Salon Urbain

kozy salon urbain 75007 patriciaparisienne ecole militaire coffeeshop cafe paris france





The images marked Kozy Salon Urbain are compliments of the cafe.

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