Prête-Moi Paris Turns 4! | The Perfect Pink Soirée

Prête-Moi Paris is one of my favorite Paris blogs for many reasons. Melissa Ladd, the mastermind behind the pink blog, is as fun in person as she is on your screen. She’s smart, funny, and always out and about the city! I love reading about her adventures and her discoveries in the French capital. Given her magnetic personality, it’s no wonder that her blog has been going strong for a very successful four years now. I was so excited when I got the e-mail about the fête; it was an honor to be invited to the pink celebration.

Stepping into her beautiful apartment, I was blown away by the incredible attention to detail. The decorations were amazing. I especially loved how she integrated all aspects of her blog into the evening: fashion, the City of Lights, food, frills, champagne, and DIY. Representing her crafty side, Melissa set up a tea bag holder making corner, and to our delight, a DIY cocktail station with Campari and mint.

We had a taste of her favorite brands, literally, with Sugar Daze cupcakes that night. We each had our own personalized treat, indicated with a little flag with our names on them. Alexandra and I missed that little detail and became Charles from Charles Gillman Cosmetics and Lindsey M. Whoops! Luckily, we caught ourselves before taking the first bite, went back, and got our own. The talented Cat Beurnier, owner of Sugar Daze in the 9th arrondissement, never fails to deliver absolutely delicious cupcakes. Merci, Cat!

When I arrived, there was a fashion show put on by the lovely ladies of Vintage Galerie. The collection we saw was stunning, dating back from the early 1900s. My favorite was the yellow dress – but I would take them all.

The dresses were paired with pieces from Cleopatra’s Bling, Olivia Cummings’ new jewelry line inspired by the women of Turkey and India. Her pieces are suitable for a chic cocktail event just as they are to accessorize a daily ensemble. The cuff that was paired with the yellow dress stole my heart.

The final touch from the fashion show were Kasia Dietz handbags. You all know how much I adore her wearable art designs. I had a fantastic time at her bag painting workshop this summer, which I recommend to everyone. At the Prete-Moi Paris event, the models were showcasing her newest additions to the line from the Bali and Geometric collections.

Champagne was flowing all evening! Mon Champagne provided the divine bubbly; “Adopt a champagne!” is their slogan. Curious, I learned that Mon Champagne has created a service to deliver champagne to your door. In order to stock your cave to your liking, they allow you to taste several champagnes before deciding on which champagne you will “adopt.” Their wines are high quality yet less expensive than the other household names, because they come from regions of Champagne that are lesser-known. Fantastic champagne for a fraction of the price delivered to my door? Yes, please!

We also were treated to some tasty Lune de Miel dairy-free, kosher pastries – yum. The final event of the night, the raffle, was exciting, and a few lucky ladies walked away with fantastic prizes.

I had a fun catching up with some of the girls I hadn’t seen in a while and loved meeting many of the bloggers I admire in person. The place was positively buzzing all night, and everyone had a great time. It was such a lovely evening.

ella coquine patriciaparisienne paris blog bloggers prete-moi paris soiree party anniversary 4th

Here with Lisa from Ella Coquine. This is what I looked like most of the evening. I had a blast!
Photo Credit: The talented Meg from De quelle planète es-tu?

For more (gorgeous) photographs, check out a few other fantastic Paris bloggers’ takes on the soiree:

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Ella Coquine

Happy 4-year Blogiversary, Prete-Moi Paris! Thank you for including me in the celebration. Here’s to the next four years,

xx PatriciaParisienne

7 thoughts on “Prête-Moi Paris Turns 4! | The Perfect Pink Soirée

  1. Oh sweets! You are so darliung to write such a thoughtful and personalized post about the soirée!!!! It makes me feel so wonderful! THank you for being a part of the soirée and a part of my parisian life. You are a treasure. ❤


  2. Love these shots! You really captured the pink party perfectly (enough p’s there??). What the heck were we giggling about?! I love this photo. It makes me re-laugh all over again…if only I remember what we were talking about…

    So fun to see you! See you in a few weeks! ; )


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