Lola’s Cupcakes | London’s Guilty Pleasure

I’ve read about this English sensation for ages.

They’ve been around by 2006, when friends Victoria Jossel and Romy Lewis began selling cupcakes from their homes. A smash hit, they moved to a Primrose Hill commercial kitchen, and after a few years, sold the company to fourth-generation baker Asher Budwig. The success has continued, and he’s continued to expand the business, opening more stores in London and its first location outside of the capital, as well as creating services such as bespoke cake orders.

There are so many fantastic reviews about these cupcakes that I couldn’t resist trying them when I saw their cafe in Selfridge’s. A massive red velvet cupcake fan, I ordered one, and the Englishman decided to give their banoffee (banana + toffee) a whirl. I couldn’t wait to dig in!

We were not disappointed. Moist, flavorful, and topped with creamy frosting, Lola’s Cupcakes are delicious. These English-made-with-British-ingredients cakes are the UK’s response to the American cupcake craze and are showing the world that the English can, indeed, whip up some amazing desserts.

Can’t wait for their holiday collection!

xx PatriciaParisienne

LOLA’s Cupcake & Coffee Bar 
Selfridges Foodhall 
400 Oxford Street

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