July’s Love List

There are so many wonderful things come with the month of July! So I decided to make a list of things that I am currently loving.

1. THE ROYAL BABY AND HIS NAME! Those of you that have followed the blog for a while now know that I absolutely adore Kate Middleton. The Royal Baby Boy was born on Monday, July 22, 2013, and his name was announced today. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – what a regal name! Congratulations to the happy couple, Kate and Will!

william kate prince of cambridge royal baby george alexander louis name

Image compliments of British Vogue (vogue.co.uk)

2. While on the English theme, I must mention that I’ve been coveting the Gresham 2 Crockett and Jones boots for months now. The love affair has only grown deeper, and I hope to make them mine by this fall. How gorgeous are they?


Image compliments of Crockett and Jones website

3. All of the summer activities in the city! Free train travel in the Ile de France, like to Fontainebleau, open air movie theaters, Wanderlust, rooftop terraces like at the Shangri-La Paris Hotel, the new plaza opening up at Republique, and Paris Plage (a little beach set up with sand by the Seine!). So much to do, so little time.


4. National Celebrations – July 4 and July 14

I loved celebrating July 4 at the American Cathedral in Paris with some of Cupcake Lovers in Paris‘ gorgeous and tasty American cupcakes!

fourth of july cupcakes cupcake lovers in paris american style cupcakes in france 4th of july

Image compliments of Claire Morris Photography

And le quatorze juillet was such a fantastic day! Watching the planes zoom through the city, enjoying Place de la Nation’s military expo, and then a lovely picnic in the Tuileries gardens, plus fireworks to end the day! To see some photographs of the day, plus a quick summary of how the French celebrate Bastille Day, click here.


5. And last but not least – the sunshine! Paris is otherworldly under the sun. Under any skies, really, but goodness does she look gorgeous when it’s sunny. Parks are filled, the banks of the Seine are packed, bridges are buzzing with music and wine – picnic season is in full swing.

centre pompidou museum paris contemporary art

opera paris garnier palais operahouseterrasse printemps mode beaute terrace rooftop view of paris patriciaparisienne wine eiffel tower tour eiffel where is the best view in pariscafe charlot marais paris patriciaparisienne marche des enfants rouges

Tomorrow’s post is the 100th of the blog! So excited to share it with you. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and see you tomorrow!

xx PatriciaParisienne

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