The Perfect English Wedding

It’s officially wedding season!

The Englishman and I had the absolute pleasure of attending the nuptials of the gorgeous Philippa and dashing James. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, I was told it would be a very traditional English wedding. “Be still, my beating heart,” I thought.

The day was lovely, to put it in very English terms. The handsome ushers in tails greeted us, and I got to sit with DM’s parents, who are such wonderful company. The church was gorgeous, and the ceremony was a traditional Church of England service. The modern twists were that the vicar was a woman, and the customary “I give this woman…” line was eliminated from the script. Everyone’s accents were so English (swoon), although what else should I have expected, really? 🙂 Other things on the “Love List” include: the fact that everyone sang the hymns, Bach’s cello suites were played while papers were signed, Philippa’s dress, and THE FASCINATORS.

Ever since Princess Beatrice wore that incredible number at the Royal Wedding, I’ve been fascinated (pun intended) with these English wedding hats and headbands. The majority of female guests top up their ensemble with fascinators; it’s the must-have accessory! Thanks to my sister having a few in her amazing closet, I was able to wear a black and pink accent from Le Bon Marché.

The party afterward was SO MUCH FUN! The cocktail hour was a great start to the celebrations, especially since it was primarily champagne that we were drinking. I loved the receiving line as we entered the dining and dance floor area; I felt like I was greeting the Queen! My American self was a bit surprised that only men speak at the reception (Mmmm, I can assure you that the women have a lot to say, too!) but they did a really great job. The father of the bride congratulated the happy couple and thanked everyone for coming, the groom also said his thank yous to everyone and then doted on his beautiful bride (whom you will see below is beyond gorgeous), and then the best men roasted the groom. All in all, there were many touching moments in the speeches and lots of laughs.

Do English people dance? Yes, they do and well! There was a live band, and many guests showed off their moves. The Englishman and I danced for hours! FYI, Paul Simon evokes a big reaction from our British counterparts. Also a highlight of the event: the late night buffet of Cumberland sausages (obsessed), cheeses including some stellar cheddar, and fruit. We all had such a laugh, filled out our quilt squares for their memory blanket (awesome idea), and threw back the pints, in good English fashion.

What a fantastic cultural experience and weekend! Thank you to James and Phil for including us on their special day and to my handsome Englishman for an incredible evening – and the dance.

xx PatriciaParisienne

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