Roland Garros: A Day at the French Tennis Open

Every now and then, I have moments where I stop and realize, “Wow…I live in Paris!” 

Going to Roland Garros, the French Tennis Open, was definitely one of those times. A huge fan of playing and watching tennis, I was so excited when the Englishman got us tickets to watch some of the greatest players in the world duke it out on the red clay courts.

The day in Boulogne was fantastic! We arrived early in the morning, and the grounds were already buzzing. They have an excellent and efficient ticket scanning system, so we waited less than five minutes to get in. Nice work, Ticket Committee. 

It’s amazing just how many people come from all over the world to watch the French Open; excited chatter in all different languages was flying around us. We watched different doubles matches all day, which are always fun because there’s so much going on. The day was gorgeous, wonderfully sunny and warm. 

A few tips for those interested in going next year:

The grounds passes, especially early on in the tournament, are fantastic; I highly recommend them. There are so many matches to see! Also, you can bring your own picnic lunch with you. We passed up some incredible-looking sandwiches at the boulangerie, sadly. But the food there is quite nice. You have typical stand food (hot dogs, sandwiches, salads), where an entree, dessert, and drink will be between 14  – 20€.  There is also the option of sit-down places, which were upwards of 50€ per person. It’s part of the experience, though! Ooh, and my favorite part was a lovely  garden upstairs, where you can enjoy a glass of champagne overlooking the courts.

If you’re in Paris during the tournament, it’s a wonderfully Parisian experience to enjoy a day at Roland Garros. Looking forward to going again next year!

xx PatriciaParisienne

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