An American Baby Shower in Paris: A Great Gatsby Affair

What do you get when you mix pink cupcakes, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and kir?

An American baby shower in Paris, of course! Earlier this month, we celebrated my gorgeous sister and soon-to-arrive niece. A very international group came together, with ladies from France, the US, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Colombia, and Chile. While a variety of languages was heard throughout the afternoon, the attire was the same – Great Gatsby-themed!

It was so much fun to share this American tradition with our friends. For many, it was their first baby shower, which added an extra spark of excitement to the event. We found a few cultural differences surrounding the arrival of babies, too.  For example, in France, a gift is given after the baby is born, not before because it’s bad luck. Some of the women struggled with the French superstition and their desire to observe the American tradition. So they compromised on bringing a gift, but for my sister, and promising the baby gift upon her arrival. The best of both worlds 🙂 Also, there’s a tendency to not reveal baby names until the birth, which my sister and her husband are following this time around (it’s driving me insane not knowing!).

Everyone had a lovely time, enjoying kir, cupcakes, and cheese. Thank you to our mom for shipping boxes of decorations over from the US and party favors (including See’s candies lollipops!) and to all of you ladies that came out to celebrate with us. Cannot wait to meet the little mademoiselle!

xx PatriciaParisienne

baby shower american in paris great gatsbyDSC_7063


Photo Credit: Rey of Glam


Photo Credit: Rey of Glam

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