25th Anniversary of Dîner en Blanc Paris 2013

Last night’s white-hot event was an 11,000 person dinner.

The 25th annual Dîner en Blanc event took place last night in Paris at the Louvre and Trocadero. Dîner en Blanc began in 1988 at Bagatelle in Boulogne, a suburb of Paris, by François Pasquier and his 200 guests. It has since grown in popularity and number and has gone international. You can attend a Dîner en Blanc in forty countries today, and over 100,000 dinners will have been celebrated by the end of the year! Everything about this dinner is excitement and exclusivity.


Excitement: The location is unknown to the guests until a few hours before the dinner. (It may just be the best-kept secret in Paris. None of the guests know until they receive an e-mail that afternoon directing them toward the landmark. Previous locations include the Pont des Arts, Place de la Concorde, and the Champs Elysees.) Also, you will be dining with thousands of the most exciting, fun, and connected people in the city. I can feel the excitement building up already for next year…!

Exclusiveness: You can only be invited if you are recommended by someone that already attends the yearly dinner. You may arrive using only public transportation. You bring your own chairs, dinner tables, tablecloths, trash bags, napkins – everything is white. Finally, the drinks policy restricts all beverages to wine or champagne. No beer, spirits, or any other liquids allowed. And most importantly, the dress code: all-white. 

So excited for next year! Happy Friday, darlings!

xx PatriciaParisienne
People, all dressed up in white, have adeb4deb2

Images compliments of the Daily Mail and French Huffington Post

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