Cocktails and Classical Music: Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra Concert Gala

Oh, what a night! 

This weekend was fabulous! I have a whole week’s worth of blog posts to show you the fun things that happened this weekend but I will start with Friday night.

The week started off well when I found out that I’d won Prête-moi Paris‘s giveaway to attend the Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra Gala Concert and Cocktails held at the American Church in Paris. Classical music, a gala, and cocktails? Sounds like an amazing evening to me!

My dates to the concert were Lauren and my sister, so the night was pre-destined for greatness.  And then the music – amazing! Sinfonietta put together a stellar program.  They started with a Bach symphony, followed by Georg Philipp Telemann’s Burlesque Suite – Don Quixote, and ended the first half of the evening with the Prelude to the opera Capriccio by Richard Strauss. The second half of the concert was a gorgeous interpretation of Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schoenberg.

The young musicians have a mature, full sound, which made the concert very enjoyable.  While I love a good chamber group, the cello is the instrument that steals my heart. Sinfonietta cellists, thank you.

After the concert, I had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Melissa from Prête-moi Paris and her chéri, as well as some of the wonderful people associated with Sinfonietta. Thank you, Prête-moi Paris, for this amazing evening!

Looking forward to the next performance.

xx PatriciaParisienne

A little bit about Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra

The international ensemble was founded in 2011 and is led by the American conductor Michael Boone. This new Paris chamber orchestra is made up of young professional musicians who have trained at some of the world’s best conservatories and festivals and whose mission it is to provide a dynamic repertoire of classical music to the world.  Click here to learn more about Sinfonietta and here to donate to this incredible new group.



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Can’t wait to read your stories!

xx PatriciaParisienne

4 thoughts on “Cocktails and Classical Music: Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra Concert Gala

  1. Thank you so much for including us in your blog, Tricia! And thank you for joining the team… Here’s hoping that there will be more opportunities for stories in the future… 🙂


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