Habitat Parisien

“Where should I stay in Paris?”

This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently. Given everyone’s different tastes, it’s a tricky question to answer.  Some people love ritzy hotels, while others are on a budget and just want a safe, well-connected neighborhood. My suggestions always include the places where I am sure they will get a positive, full Parisian experience.

This includes how Parisians live. For most of us here, that means living in smaller quarters as per American standards and generally in apartments. However, it must be said that while our places may be smaller, they are still beautiful,  comfortable, and very charming. Interested in seeing for yourself?

doortoudicA cool way to do this is via the latest trend in travel: apartment rentals. I am a HUGE fan of this! I feel like it’s the most authentic way to travel and is luxurious in its own way. You get a glimpse into the true way of life in the city.


Also, these apartments are beautiful! You not only get to live in Paris but also get to belong to the quartier during your stay. That includes daily trips to the boulangerie, cheeky stops in to the cheese shop, and seeing the locals at the downstairs cafe.

arcade Durout6

Habitat Parisien offers a variety of apartments situated in prime locations throughout the Paris. The rental company has provided many international visitors with completely equipped, upscale local accommodations, making them feel at home in the City of Lights.druout5 betterstmichel

Not only do they provide short- and long-term rentals, but they also offer a few other services. For example, Habitat Parisien will take care of your second residence, if you’re someone who is lucky enough to own one of those coveted pieces of real estate.  They ensure the apartment is in perfect condition and rent it only during the dates that you determine. Or, if you’re interested in a home exchange, they can help you arrange that.

rome1dauphine coeur

Aren’t their apartments stunning? Next time you plan a trip to Paris, make sure to check and see the gorgeous places that Habitat Parisien has to offer!

penthousehausmann druoutapt

xx PatriciaParisienne

Habitat Parisien
17, Rue de Choiseul, 75002 – Paris
+33 9 54 76 13 23

Images compliments of Habitat Parisien

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