May Giveaway on PatriciaParisienne: “Je T’aime, Me Neither”

Paris is the city of love.

All kinds of love. People flock to Paris for a myriad of reasons, including simply because, well, it’s Paris! My love of music, my family, and the city itself brought me back to the City of Lights. For some, it’s a charming Frenchman or woman, others an exciting new career. The mystique and thrill of Paris are the perfect ingredients for an adventure, especially one in romance. Want to know what these passionate moments are really like?

Je T’Aime, Me Neither is a glimpse into the life of a fabulous Canadian woman living and loving in Paris. April Lily Heise’s novel had me glued to her words, laughing out loud and cringing along with her. (Valentino’s twist…whaaaat?!)  I loved how despite some of love’s international ups and downs, Lily’s attitude was so positive. On the travel front, we readers get to see Paris through a fun-loving, young expat’s eyes. SO looking forward to trying some of these fabulous places she mentions!

Dating in Paris can include quite a few misadventures and hilarious (or not…) cultural misunderstandings. An honest and fun representation of what it is truly like to find love in Paris, this book is a must-read. It’s a perfect book to take on a train ride, a beach trip, or just to relax with. I had so much fun reading about Lily’s adventures! (Believe me, you want to hear some of these stories!)

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Now for the Giveaway!

We are giving away a copy of the book and a special Paris prize to three lucky readers! The winners will also be featured on the Je T’Aime, Me Neither website. The giveaway runs from May 27 through June 5, 2013.

Here is how to enter to win:

1.) Like Je T’Aime, Me Neither’s Facebook page and follow her on Twitter.

2.) Like PatriciaParisienne’s Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

3.) Tell us your favorite romantic anecdote in the comments section below!

Voilà! 1, 2, 3, done.

Can’t wait to read your stories!

xx PatriciaParisienne

19 thoughts on “May Giveaway on PatriciaParisienne: “Je T’aime, Me Neither”

  1. I’m so excited for Lily’s book to come out!!

    I don’t have one favorite romantic anecdote, but I am lucky enough to live with a romantic Frenchman who does sweet things for me on a regular basis. For example, every Sunday, he makes me crepes and he’s got some kind of secret technique that allows him to make a heart appear in the middle of each crepe.


  2. My romantic anecdotes would make lily tigeress think she had been quite lucky in comparison
    One sweet story though, years ago back in the days when night clubs were discos , I went to a disco with a friends younger brother. ( not really old enough to be in a disco). After a long night of boogieing the night away in stilettos we were walking home and I decided barefoot was less painful than my stilettos.
    We came across a mass of broken glass that was not avoidable. He took off his shoes and in a “I have a huge crush on you ” type of way asked me to wear them. Lily’s stories make me want to date again even if it is just to laugh at what transpires.


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  5. One of my favorite romantic moments: When my husband, out of the blue, changes our living room into a chic restaurant and puts the table smack in the middle with a few candles decorating it. He sets the table using only the finest tableware, our best cutlery and St Louis champagne and wine glasses. He then comes out with a delicious four course meal made by him with fresh ingredients with of course a tradition baguette from the best bakery in town. He calls me back and holds my chair out so I can sit down and we can share a delicious meal together. I love those moments!


  6. Hello have Liked you both on Facebook and followed you on Twitter (@Loubille).
    How about this for romance? Love is…….a tin of sardines! Thinking back I have no idea how it first started but my husband, of 15 years, and I have an odd birthday tradition. Yes, we always buy each other tinned sardines. Odd I know, but we are very happy together and we do try to search out interesting looking tins!


  7. As a young working gal in my 20s, the store I was working in was clearing out Royal Doulton fine bone china for up to 70% off and I was contemplating buying a full set of 12 person place setting…I turned to my boyfriend and said what do you think? He said: “I can’t see you eating out of Tupperware for the rest of your life…buy it. This was the most romantic thing my hubbie ever said to me…music to my ears!


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