Le Mary Celeste: Your New Favorite Cocktail Spot


The talented team comprised of Josh Fontaine, Adam Tsou, and Carina Soto Velasquez Tsou has blown away the Parisian bar and foodie scene. With three fantastic bars in the city, Candelaria, Glass, and now Le Mary Celeste, the trio is reinventing the definition of Paris nightlife. A huge fan of Candelaria, I wanted to see what their latest endeavor had to offer.

Our visit to the British vessel namesake started off with a nice carafe of red house wine.  Held on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 – 7 p.m., Oyster Happy Hour was in full-gear when we arrived. It’s one of the best deals in the city, with oysters at just 1€ each. It being a Saturday night, we ended up enjoying a few of their renowned cocktails, each one better and more complex than the previous.

Post 7 p.m., a menu of appetizers was distributed. Had we known the delight we were in for, we would have ordered the entire menu! I was hesitant when the handsome Englishman ordered the cabbage dish but wow! Grilled cabbage, a glorious sauce, and pumpkin seeds was what we dug into first.  Later, we polished off the pork and beef ragout with polenta. The smattering of crispy shallots on top sealed the deal. Just the right amount of spice and a burst of flavor in every bite! Incredible. Their Canadian chef is truly an asset to the restaurant.

My experience at this NoMa (Northern Marais) eatery and bar was fantastic. The atmosphere was great, the energy palpable, and the international staff was very friendly. A three-minute walk from Candelaria, the location in the popular 3rd arrondissement could not be better situated in the city. A newbie of only a few months, this restaurant became a huge hit during Paris Fashion Week in February, so I recommend making dinner reservations, as the place was packed when we left at 8 p.m.


xx PatriciaParisienne

IMG_7019 IMG_7022 IMG_7023 IMG_7026 IMG_7027 IMG_7029 IMG_7033 IMG_7036

Le Mary Celeste

1, Rue Commines

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