Un Dimanche à Paris

Celebrations must include desserts.

Since my Verdi and Wagner seminar ends at 12:30 p.m., Lauren and I decided to opt for celebratory sweets instead of lunch or drinks. The cause for celebration? Having both presented our 20-minute, entirely-in-French exposés (presentations) on Verdi for one of the toughest and most brilliant professors in our masters program. Though I learned a lot about le grand opéra historique and Verdi’s contributions to the genre, we were officially DONE with Signor!

What better way to celebrate than by treating ourselves to a new experience? We both decided that this milestone called for gourmet hot chocolate. Hot chocolate? Couldn’t you girls be a bit more creative? Ummm….no. Let me explain. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Nesquik, darlings. This is Parisian hot chocolate.

This was another exciting adventure in the hot chocolate tour of Paris. The renowned cocoa of Angelina and Jacques Genin were exquisite but we had to give Un Dimanche à Paris a whirl, just to be sure. We were not disappointed.

The gracious people of the shop were very patient with us (it’s hard to choose just one pastry!). The service was great and the decor lovely as well. Please note in the pictures below the 12th century stone tower that is inside the restaurant (!!!). Their cave is unfortunately not accessible to anyone but staff but you can catch a glimpse of it through a glass panel that they have in the floor. It felt spacious yet cozy, a hard balance to find in the city.

Lauren decided on an amazing strawberry-citrus-cream dessert, and I ordered Le Péché d’Adam (the sin of Adam). Contrary to the biblical reference, the name refers to a very much alive man named Adam Wayda of Paris Patisseries. Thankfully Lost in Cheeseland did a Franco File Friday article on him, or else I would have been very confused as to who exactly this man was, given the fact that there is no “About Me” section on his site.  Adam is an expert on Paris patisseries and gives us the inside scoop on his site. You can check out the full explanation about his namesake dessert here. In a nutshell, this is a dessert that was a long-time in the making, shows off our American love of peanuts, and has rocked French taste buds ever since.

The lush caramel, peanut, and chocolate dessert was glorious. Well done, Kléber Marguerie (Un Dimanche à Paris’ new chef pâtissier) and Adam! The strawberry cake was like a sweet cloud in my mouth; the citrus is what sealed the deal for this creation. And the final element: the hot chocolate. It was rich, sweet, and a perfect temperature. By pairing the hot chocolate with the Le Péché d’Adam, I felt like I was eating an extremely luxurious and highest caliber Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which is hands down my favorite candy in the whole world. I was one happy camper.

Thank you to the wonderful staff and chefs at Un Dimanche à Paris for a great afternoon. I will be back soon – this time for the brunch!

IMG_7701 IMG_7702IMG_7705IMG_7708IMG_7714IMG_7719IMG_7733

Un Dimanche à Paris

4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint André – Paris 6ème

5 thoughts on “Un Dimanche à Paris

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  2. I have a friend who is doing her pastry internship at Un Dimanche a Paris and she actually makes the hot chocolate here! I’ll have to send her this link 🙂


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