Happy 100th Birthday, Plaza Athénée Paris!

A huge congratulations to the Plaza Athénée Paris on celebrating their 100th anniversary tomorrow, April 20, 2013! Since it first opened its doors in 1913, the hotel has become not only one of the landmarks of Paris but also one of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

plaza athenee front

To celebrate this milestone, the Dorchester Collection hotel is hosting a 600-person soirée, complete with a 10-meter anniversary cake! As a way to further mark this 100th anniversary, the hotel will plant 100 trees in Versailles. Have no fear; you, too, can be part of the celebrations. To keep the party going, the Plaza Athénée Paris and mixologist Thierry Hernandez have created a centennial cocktail called the Harcourt Baccarat, named for the full-lead crystal stemware. A beautiful mixture of Cognac, berries, and a splash of champagne, this drink has inspired a special visit to Le Bar du Plaza Athénée. A full review of the drink and its non-alcoholic version with elderflower can be found here!

centennial drink plaza athenee Thierry Hernandez

le bar au plaza athenee

The best way to complete the experience is to head to Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée for an evening of haute couture dining and exquisite French cuisine. This gastronomical institution is not only among the finest culinary experiences you can find in the city but also one of the most beautiful dining areas in Europe.

alain ducasse au plaza athenee paris michelin starred

For my Sex and the City fans, this is the hotel with the iconic red awnings where Carrie Bradshaw stayed in the last season of the series.

Paris Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Aleksandr last season

plaza athenee paris terrace

view from the plaza athenee

So may I propose a toast to the Plaza Athénée Paris: here’s to another 100 years! xx PatriciaParisienne

toast champagne plaza athenee

Plaza Athénée

25 Avenue Montaigne  

75008 Paris, France

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