Coachella Weekend 1 Best Look: Kate Bosworth

kate bosworth coachella 2013 weekend 1 first weekend indio california

While double-tapping Coachella pics on Instagram, I stumbled upon this absolute gem. Kate Bosworth is officially Weekend 1 Coachella Fashion Goddess. Her outfit is simple, classic, and stunning. Her boots remind me of both Crockett & Jones beautiful Rushton boot, as well as the C&J boots I’m pining after: the Jodhpur. A similar shoulder bag to her vintage sac is the small Effie satchel by Mulberry or their small Delilah satchel. As for those adorable scallop hem shorts, Topshop has a very cute cream-colored pair in their spring collection. (Could this outfit be a sneak peek of her upcoming collaboration with the UK retailer?)

White and camel are my go-to, sunny-weather staples, and this couldn’t be a better combination of the two.  As spring is finally taking off here in Paris, this is an absolute hit in my book – and the latest ensemble on my wish list!

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