Six Year Old Breakdancing Phenomenon Terra

I was blown away by six-year old Terra, aka “Bgirl Terra.” She competed in and won the “Baby Battle” portion of the 2013 Chelles Battle Pro breakdance competition held in Paris on March 2.

Watch this jaw-dropping video of these two talented kids dance-battling it out in style. You’re making England proud, Terra!


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For those of you interested in freelancing and how to get started, check out this blog post and follow Jean on her freelancing adventures!

Make A Living Doing What You Love

I’m going to assume that my last entry motivated you to quit your 9-5 job and start being the freelance journalist you’ve always dreamed of being.  Here are 7 basic initial steps that I hope can lead to success.   I’ll be using them as I start my self-employed journey, that you can follow on this blog.  Please admire my figurine pen drawings (which I photographed with the BlackBerry I will relinquish to my boss tomorrow).

Without further ado:

1.  Move to a developing country.  I probably shouldn’t have mentioned this rule up top, because I consider this step optional.  But paying cheap rent and living in an area full of rich material will make freelancing a million times easier.  However, you can make it work anywhere so long as you keep your spending under control.   That means no more shopping sprees at Sephora or H&M, and yes…

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Paris Fashion Week 2013 – Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2013-2014 Collection

Femininity and the Fifties

This year’s Ready to Wear Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2013-2014 collection was unexpected.  While I adored this past fall’s pieces, what I saw on the models this Fashion Week was not what I was envisaging but still interesting to analyze. All of the models were sporting the same short black wig, only accentuating the sultry look of the collection’s pieces. Lingerie dresses were paired with tweed and boy-cut coats, creating the most chic walk of shame ensembles I have ever seen. As the models filed down the runway, there was a juxtaposition between a traditional notion of femininity and a non-conventional, borderline androgynous sense of it.

Below I included my favorite pieces for next season. The looks I posted pertain to the über feminine side of Marc Jacobs’ creations, which include soft, flattering tops and pencil skirts, as well as a fun halter number that shows a lighter side of the French fashion line.

What I loved about the show was the concept! The “grand hotel” theme was brilliant, with models coming out of different doors to march down the runway.  American designer Jacobs added a cheeky final hurrah to the show; he came out of the “hotel room” door wearing his menswear line pajamas, as if he was a hotel guest with the models.

naomi watts louis vuitton

Actress Naomi Watts in Paris before the Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2013-2014 show

arnault vadianova

Antoine Arnault, model and girlfriend Natalia Vodianova, and friend

louis vuitton ready to wear fw 201314

like lv rtw 1214

fun lv piece

quite feminine lv piece

fave louis vuitton look fall winter 2013-2014

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2013 rtw

Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week 2013 ready to wear collection

cheeky marc jacobs louis vuitton paris fashion week 2013

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