Love for Longchamp

The staple French girl bag.

It’s impossible to walk through Paris without seeing at least ten Longchamp bags. Every French girl has at least one in her collection; it’s a cultural thing.  And you can never have too many. For daily use, soirées, or traveling, the French brand has a perfect bag for the occasion.

Longchamp pliable

French street style

Longchamp pub ad pliable bag

A little bit of history

In 1948, Jean Cassegrain started out making leather coverings for pipes as part of his family’s tobacco business. He expanded to leather bags and accessories, and Longchamp was born. The name and logo of Longchamp (meaning “long field”) comes from the polo fields on the outskirts of Paris near Cassegrain’s home. A family-owned business, the brand has grown into an international sensation.  Their bags are beautiful and elegant; what’s not to love?

You can see everyone from celebrities to the person next to you on the metro rocking their Longchamp bags.

Longchamp london paris

Kate Moss in London

Pippa Middleton with a Longchamp bag

Pippa Middleton with a Longchamp pliable

I love all things Longchamp.

My first Longchamp bag was a gift from my father on my first trip to Paris, and I’ve been hooked every since.

longchamp sac bag roseau paris

Latest item on the wishlist: the Roseau handbag

Their loyal pliables, or foldable bags, are my every day, go-to bag. Not only is it incredibly sturdy but it is also chic – and can hold just about everything one needs.  Switching from being a Sorbonne masters student to an aspiring opera singer at the conservatoire to an English professor in a college of science and technology in a day, I need a bag that can handle my heaps of music, laptop, and teaching materials. It’s with me in Paris, and it accompanies me when I travel. It’s the perfect bag for any day – and one of the only bags in the world that has proven able to keep up with this busy, often times chaotic lifestyle.

Longchamp Paris pliable voyage travel bag

Traveling with the beautiful Longchamp bag from JN

My favorite Longchamp boutique in Paris is on Rue St Honoré.  You can also visit Longchamp in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Le Bon Marché, or at their online store.

Longchamp Saint-Honoré 
404, Rue St Honoré
75001 PARIS

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